A candid, quick and easy read, by women's mindset coach, Michell Pulliam! Filled with everyday, practical tips for building and maintaining strong, healthy relationships and marriages. If you're not yet in a relationship, this book will help you get prepared. If you're in a great relationship, it will encourage and enhance it. If your relationship needs help . . . Real Talk is for you. Preview and purchase your copy above.


Inside you’ll find out: 

  • Why making your home a haven is a must. 

  • Why you should deal with your insecurities before they deal with you. 

  • What you're probably doing that's draining your relationships. 

  • The number one way to get what you want out of your marriage. 

  • How to avoid the red flags that keep you in relationship ruts. 

  • Why you shouldn't sit there and die if your marriage/relationship isn't working. 

Marriages and relationships take work - sometimes hard work - but as with anything, what you put into it, is what you'll get out of it. If you work hard for them, they'll work hard for you. 


# 1 on the Top 100  "Christian Dating" free list

# 1 on the Top 100  "90-minute Parenting and Relationships"  free list

#22 on the Top 100  "90-minute Parenting and Relationships" paid short reads list 

#28 on the Top 100  "Dating and Relationships" paid list (next to John C. Maxwell)

Chosen as a *Hot New Release* in the "Christian Dating and Relationships" category

Chosen as a *Hot New Release* in the "90-minute parenting and Relationships" category

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